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Girl standing on beach cliff overlooking sea

Born in 1995. South-East London enthusiast. Cat Lover. Dog owner. Working out life by the minute.

Basically me to a T.  


By day I’m a HR person, by night (and the weekends), I’m a writer and general calamity. Tabatha Talks does what it says…. I talk about things.


It’s funny because there’s this conversation that comes around every so often about the origin of my name saying that I was named after the Johnny Bravo doll ‘Talking Tabatha’, someone also said I was named after a porn star, but we won’t discuss that. 


So then came Tabatha Talks. I always knew that I wanted to write and I always knew that somehow that name would be used. I always thought I’d become a broadcast journalist but, in a way, I’m kind of glad that it didn’t plan out that way because who would want to be a broadcast journalist reporting on the things that are happening in the world right now?! 


I for sure don’t.


It never felt like the right time to bring TT into the world but since gathering a shit tonne of experience over the last 5-7 years, that means I’ve got about 5-7 years worth of things to chat about so here we are. We’re going to talk about everything and anything.


Welcome, and please, enjoy.



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